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History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

 Evergreen Mortuary

 Evergreen Mortuary has been conveniently located within the park like setting of Evergreen Cemetery since 1974. This provides a benefit to the families we serve by having all three facilities, mortuary, cemetery and crematory available in one location. The facilities at Evergreen Mortuary, Cemetery & Crematory are specially designed to ensure a comfortable, dignified environment. Evergreen’s non-denominational chapel can be used for large visitations, traditional and non-traditional services and gatherings. The wall of windows overlooking the garden and grounds gives a peaceful, cool atmosphere. In addition to the large seating capacity, the chapel includes an organ and new state-of-the-art video and CD sound system. Evergreen’s staff is trained to scan favorite photos to a DVD for viewing on our 52 inch HD television located in the chapel. Families can also utilize our music library or provide their own choices to individualize their funeral service or Celebration of Life. Evergreen’s visitation rooms are decorated to provide a serene and peaceful home like atmosphere. A large, well lighted parking area adjacent to the Mortuary offers convenient handicapped access as well as regular parking. 

 Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen was founded in 1907 as a place outside of the rapidly growing Tucson city limits for burial purposes. A considerable number of burials from the main cemetery located within the town limits as well as Presidio Cemetery were relocated to Evergreen. Today the remains of many pioneers from old ranch sites and homesteads are re-interred within Evergreen’s boundaries. Evergreen has been owned and operated by the Addison Family since 1960 serving our community in their time of need. Foreseeing the necessity for complete funeral services in one convenient location, Evergreen Mortuary was established in 1974, making Evergreen the first mortuary, cemetery combination in Southern Arizona.

As a newcomer, our management and staff has always been dedicated to a higher level of ethics and business practices setting standards in our industry through involvement in Tucson’s nonprofit community and state legislation. Steeped in this proud tradition, Evergreen’s commitment to the Tucson community remains as we maintain excellence in family service. In 1982 the National Funeral Directors Association initiated their “Pursuit of Excellence Program” and Evergreen immediately became involved. Since then, Evergreen consistently has been recognized nationally for its participation receiving three Eagle Awards, gaining the prestigious Emeritus Status and ultimately receiving their Crystal Eagle Awards. It has always been our goal at Evergreen Mortuary, Cemetery and Crematory to provide full information to the public regarding funeral arrangements and their cost. We firmly believe that informed people make wise decisions.

Today, when individual attitudes require a variety of funeral service alternatives, the family will discover Evergreen’s professional staff to be informative and helpful when considering service details. Greater satisfaction will come to those who carefully consider the value of all options offered to fulfill their wishes. We greatly appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in Evergreen Mortuary, Cemetery & Crematory. 

Our Valued Staff

Peter Callaghan

Peter Callaghan, General Manager

Trena L McSwain

Trena L McSwain, Family Service Supervisor

Mirza Nijemcevic

Mirza Nijemcevic, Superintendent

George  Choban

George Choban, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Arick Dombrowski

Arick Dombrowski, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Gaby Gillian

Gaby Gillian, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Ashley Hom

Ashley Hom, Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer

Irene Esparza

Irene Esparza, Family Service Counselor

Sherry Breedlove

Sherry Breedlove, Family Service Counselor

Donald Eugene Hanson

Donald Eugene Hanson, Family Service Counselor

Lemuel Robson

Lemuel Robson, Community Service Counselor

Antonieta Gallego

Antonieta Gallego, Community Service Counselor

Casey A. Parker

Casey A. Parker, Staff Associate

Craig M. Ganoff

Craig M. Ganoff, Staff Associate

Eileen Grade

Eileen Grade, Receptionist

Heidi Gregory

Heidi Gregory, Senior Administrative Support Specialist

Brenda Barnett

Brenda Barnett, Administrative Assistant

Bianca Vianey Valdez-Carrillo

Bianca Vianey Valdez-Carrillo, Administrative Assistant

Kylee Mamon

Kylee Mamon, Administrative Assistant

Melissa Longoni

Melissa Longoni, Administrative Support

Mark Konda

Mark Konda, Administrative Support

Debroah Olson

Debroah Olson, Administrative Support

Cruz Cota

Cruz Cota, Cemetery Caretaker Forman

Carlos Monteverde

Carlos Monteverde, Cemetery Caretaker Foreman

Rey Figueroa

Rey Figueroa, Cemetery Caretaker

Gilbert Lujan

Gilbert Lujan, Cemetery Caretaker

Abel Salgado

Abel Salgado, Cemetery Caretaker

Juan Laprada

Juan Laprada, Cemetery Caretaker

Mike G Figueroa

Mike G Figueroa, Cemetery Caretaker

David Mecham

David Mecham, Cemetery Caretaker

Jose Fabian Jimenez Contreras

Jose Fabian Jimenez Contreras, Cemetery Care Taker

Javier Valencia

Javier Valencia, Cemetery Care Taker

Juan Carlos Nunley

Juan Carlos Nunley, Cemetery Caretaker & Mechanic