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Direct Cremation Offers Affordable and Simple Funeral Option

Save money without sacrificing care

Evergreen Mortuary, Cemetery & Crematory provides families with affordable direct cremation plans that include complete, full-service care.

Our direct cremation plans offer:

  • Guaranteed affordability with flexible plans to fit every budget.
  • Simple plans with transparent pricing — no hidden fees or extra costs.
  • Around-the-clock care from our trusted and compassionate staff to guide you through this difficult time. We even file all required paperwork for you.

4 Simple Steps to Cremation

Call (520) 257-4831 for immediate, guaranteed pricing.

Call (520) 257-4831 for immediate, guaranteed pricing.

With simple and competitive pricing, you'll have a price within 5 minutes.

Schedule transportation at your convenience.

Schedule transportation at your convenience.

We will provide a window of time to pick up your loved one for transport to our crematory.

Finalize Details

Finalize Details

Our team of licensed professionals will meet with you at your convenience to finalize necessary paperwork, permits, and collect payment.

Have your loved one's cremated remains returned to you.

Have your loved one's cremated remains returned to you.

We will deliver the cremated remains to you in a pre-selected urn or in a simple container, depending on your wishes.

Top 5 Questions to Consider

When choosing your cremation provider, make sure you aren't sacrificing care by getting answers to these five important questions

  • What happens to my loved one once you receive them in your care?
    With us, they remain in our care – from the beginning to the end. Our staff is trained and certified to perform all cremations at our crematory. This isn't the case with most discount cremation providers who contract cremation services to third parties.
  • Is your staff fully licensed?
    At Evergreen Mortuary, our mortuary staff consists of fully licensed funeral directors and embalmers, as well as three certified crematory operators with decades of experience and knowledge.
  • Are there any additional or hidden fees?
    Not with us. Our simple pricing covers all costs. Plus, we can work out payment plans for pre-arranged services and we accept insurance policies as a form of payment. While most discount cremation providers state that their price is guaranteed, it's extremely important that you fully understand the contract and what's included with the cremation, the fine print of the contract, and the payment structure.
  • Can additional services be added on later, like a memorial service?
    While having a memorial service may be far from your mind right now, in the days or months after the cremation you may decide to have a service to honor your loved one. Find out upfront what the options are for everything from holding a service to purchasing an urn to securing a final resting place for your loved one's ashes. Because we provide complete care at our location, all of these options, and more, are available to you when you're ready.
  • Is someone available 24/7 to answer any questions that may come up?
    When a loved one dies, details can be forgotten or never even asked. Find out how you can get in contact with them — day or night — to ensure your peace of mind throughout the process. With us you'll have direct, around-the-clock access to our team. We'll know your family, we'll know your loved one and we'll be able to guide you through this time.

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