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We love Our Families

We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.


What Families Are Saying

Real Stories from Real People

Frank Stillwell of Tombstone/Cowboys fame is buried here in a mass grave. Killed by the Earps near the old Tucson train station.

Andrew Perkins 5 stars

Thank you Kris for your respectful handling of my daughter Layne Beck. You were my guiding light through the worst event of my life and your continued support through emails to see how I’m doing mean the world to me. You have the patience and kindness of an angel. Thank you for walking beside me. Cydni Beck

Cydni Beck 5 stars

I haven't used their services, I just went to an event there that they were hosting there. The staff was very helpful and pleasent.

Annie Carlin 5 stars

A childhood favorite, place to chill out and think about life.

Hour Eugh 5 stars

It's a place of peace and we keep developing more for the community, we listen to your needs and promise the best service possible.

Mirza Nijemchevich 5 stars

helpful & caring staff - highly recommend

Dakorita1 5 stars

“I don't know that you can "love" any service like this one, but these people were very kind to us, let us know exactly what was and was not covered, did not try to upsell us, and helped us put together a nice tasteful service for our loved one. They managed the service on the day of the funeral, helped us decide when decisions needed to be made, and were uniformly kind and considerate. The cemetery itself is one of the nicer green spaces in Tucson, with big trees and grass. It is well maintained, clean, and orderly.”

Mickey Levendusky Mickey Levendusky July 30, 2013 5 stars
Josh Hunter Josh Hunter September 21, 2017 4 stars
Charline Knagge Charline Knagge November 12, 2017 5 stars

“It's a lovely place to walk around in during the day. I will say that you guys might want to check into your records and make sure all of the flat grave markers haven't been covered by dirt and grass. My husband and I unburied one on our last visit, he stepped on it and noticed it felt "hollow" so he scuffed at the dirt and grass area with his shoe and uncovered a grave marker from the 70's!”

Cinder Electronika Cinder Electronika May 30, 2018 5 stars
Jose Hernandez Jose Hernandez July 05, 2018 5 stars
Douglas Smith Douglas Smith August 17, 2018 5 stars

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Protect your family and get peace of mind when you put a funeral or cemetery plan in place ahead of time.
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